Responding to the False Claim that Hitler and the Nazis were Christians.
Many critics of Christianity assert that Hitler and the Nazis were Christians.
This article responds to this offensive and false charge.

  Did Jesus Actually Die on the Cross? A Response to Islamic Claims.

Muslims (and a number of sceptics) deny that Jesus died on the cross.
This article present evidence to demonstrate that this view simply cannot be maintained.

The Da Vinci Code Deception.
Did the Christian Church really try and cover up a sexual relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene?
Was the Deity of Christ invented by Constantine in 355AD? Has the Bible as we know it today undergone drastic
editing and change; should other books have been included but instead were suppressed by the Church?


"Do Not Judge!!!"

This verse from Matthew 7:1 is often thrown at those who try to warn others of some sort of false teaching.
This article shows how using it in this way is unjustified.


Answering Abortionists.
Answering common 'pro-death' abortionist arguments.

Extra-Biblical Historical Evidence in Support of the Deity of Jesus Christ.

Responding to Relativism.
A brief article that demonstrates some of the problems of relativism.

The Universe: Big Bang or Big Creation?
A look at how the Bible's explanation for the origins of the universe is supported by modern science.

Chinese Whispers.
Did the early Christians exaggerate the ministry of Jesus between the time of Jesus' death and the writing of the Gospels?

Are all Religions More or Less the Same?
A popular belief in today's culture is the viewpoint that all religions lead to God (a view called "pluralism").
Is this true, or are there significant and irreconcilable differences between the many religions?

Questions for Atheists and Sceptics to Think About.
Some brief and basic questions that Christians can use when witnessing to sceptics.

The Doctrine of the Trinity Defended.
A page dedicated to upholding and defending the doctrine of the Trinity.
Responds to many common criticisms made by anti-Trinitarian groups.


The Blasphemy of Jerry Springer the Opera in Liverpool.
A thousand Christians took to the streets of Liverpool to protest against this offensive production.

The Problem of Evil and Suffering.

The Historical Reliability of the Acts of the Apostles.

The Bible - Inerrant & Infallible?

How Can Christians Proclaim Absolute Truth in a Post-Modern World?

Sermon on Humanity's Greatest Folly: An Examination of Atheism in the Light of Psalm 14:1-3.

Archaeological Findings Confirming the Truthfulness of the Bible.

Reasons for Trusting the Bible as Being True.



















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