A Demonic Apparition Caught

on Camera? You Decide!

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This is Sam, a friend of our family. He was brought up in a Christian home, but like many (when they hit those difficult teenage years) drifted off away from Church life and got into the usual teenage stuff (girls, partying, drinking and so on).

It was during those days that he took a couple of photos (the first of which you can see here). Nothing too unusual in that picture as I’m sure will agree. Typical of what many teens do when they use their mobile phones in front of a mirror to try and get a profile picture for something like Facebook.




But it was the second picture that he took where something weird can be seen in the background.

Look to the right. Looks like a person standing behind him right? Something like someone in a scary Halloween costume? Well, no one else was there when Sam took this photo and when you get closer you can see that it’s transparent.

Now, when he took this photo Sam didn’t immediately pay too much attention to it. In fact, it was his girlfriend at the time who pointed it out to him. But still, he pretty much dismissed it.

But right after taking these photos his life took a significant fall for the worse as he got quite heavily into substance misuse (most notably the terrible drug M-Cat).

Things got pretty grim for Sam but a turning point occurred when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. This helped him think about the value of life, family, and God, and he returned to his faith. Today, he is an active member of the church I attend (by the way, his mother is doing well in her fight against cancer. A lot of people pray for her and many of us put it down to Divine intervention).

It was only later, when Sam returned to his faith, that he thought about the significance of this photo. Was this a demonic apparition of something that had been following him about caught on camera? Was it any coincidence that his life took a very dramatic plunge into drugs and darkness soon after this photograph was taken? You decide.

Sam also informs me that between the first picture being taken and the second there was no shift in lighting in the room (and of course, no flash on his mobile phone that may change the lighting). Also, this hasn’t been 'photo shopped' as Sam is one of those guys you know won’t tell you tall stories, exaggerate, or lie. I have known this guy for years and know he is reliable.

So there you have it. A demonic apparition which started to influence him and pull him down into a slippery slope of drug abuse, or is there a more rational explanation? Make up your own mind, though it is often said that a picture paints a thousand words.

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