Theology and Articles
of General Interest

Bible Sayings in Everyday Language.
An interesting list of Bible based sayings, references, and words, that have found their way into everyday language.

Spotlight Ministries Film Review of The Passion of the Christ.
Spotlight's own thoughts on the film that is taking the world by storm.

Early Christian Creeds.

The Doctrine of the Trinity Defended.
A page dedicated to upholding and defending the doctrine of the Trinity.

Is the Shepherd of Hermas Inspired Scripture?

The Trinity and the Christian Life

What Happened After Arius?

The Intertestamental Period

The Resurrection Body of the Believer

A Look at the New American Standard Bible.

How Can Christians Proclaim Absolute Truth in a Post-Modern World?

What is the True Gospel? How Can I be Saved?

The Unique Johannine Concept of the Logos

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