Christianity as a Target of
Political Correctness Craziness


Some examples of political correctness craziness seen in recent times:

Oct. 2006 - British Airways suspends an employee for displaying a Christian cross necklace. See: BBC News: Woman to Sue BA in Necklace Row

Oct. 2006 - The BBC seek raise concerns about Newsreader Fiona Bruce's right to wear a cross while presenting the news. See Daily Mail article: BBC bosses in PC row over newsreader's cross.

An elderly Christian couple were recently interrogated by police because they complained to the council (over the phone) about its gay rights policies. Mr and Mrs Roberts had complained to Wyre Borough Council after reading an article in their local newspaper which explained that the council was set to introduce wide-ranging gay rights policies. Mr Roberts complained to the Council saying that he did not agree with their promotion of homosexuality. When told that it was part of the Council's diversity policy, Mr Roberts asked - in that case - if Christianity could be promoted in the same way and asked if he could display Christian leaflets alongside gay rights leaflets. This was refused on the grounds that it would cause offence to the gay community. But Mr Roberts told council representatives that he was offended by the promotion of homosexuality. The elderly couple were soon visited and questioned by the police who accusing them of making "homophobic telephone calls"! However, it would appear that there has been a clear case of a breach of the couple’s human rights. (More on this here).

As the Christian Institute have rightly pointed out, for the police to get involved with such a matter is surprising. They are going to have to view not only Evangelical Christians as criminals for their right to disagree with the practice of homosexuality, but also the religions of Islam and Judaism, as they too disagree with the practice.

The Daily Mail reported how home office officials are threatening to withdraw funding for a memorial carol service for the victims of crime because it is "too Christian". Even though the service (held at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square) has been helping grieving relatives of homicide for 11 years now politically correct civil servants are warning that they are going to pull the plug on funding unless the service tones down its Christian content.

The Daily Mail also reported how Inland Revenue staff have been banned from donating to a charity which helps send toys to needy children because of its links to Christianity.

Lambeth council officers have are being careful to use the terms: "Winter Lights" and even "Celebrity Lights" - but have omitted the word Christmas from all promotional literature.

A museum in Somerset changed the dating of its exhibits from B.C. (before Christ) to B.P. (before present), although they say that they did this to make things clearer to people and not for reasons of political correctness.

Birmingham Council renamed Christmas 'Winterval' and Jobcentres banned Christmas trees and decorations.

The Eden Project in Cornwall banned its employers from wishing people a Merry Christmas because the name Christ was in the greeting and it may offend people of other religions.

The Red Cross charity shops have banned nativity scenes from their window displays at Christmas times because they do not want to have any religious imagery on display. Paradoxically, I have personally seen a Red Cross shop with a full on Halloween display in its window. Clearly Halloween is a religious pagan festival. Double standards I think here.

There has been a recent push to try and ban Bible's from hospitals. Leicester health trust in particular has led a push to ban them, claiming the presence of Bible's in hospitals will offend other religions.

Some shopping precincts throughout the UK banned the Salvation Army and other Christian groups from singing carols to shoppers in case they offended other religions.

The common excuse given for banning many of the Christian traditions from our culture is that it will offend other religions such as Muslims, Hindu's, etc. However, it is often revealing to find that most people in other religions are actually not offended. What they are offended at, however, is the charge from others that they might find such things offensive. So who is pushing for all of this politically correct claptrap? The answer to this lies in local councils. When you see examples of such things as listed here why not write to them and ask them to explain themselves?

Where will all this political correctness lead and what will it mean for Christians and religious liberty for the UK in general? Today, the politically correct will be banning Bible's from hospitals, carols from shopping precincts, etc. Tomorrow they will be insisting that churches tear down crosses from their steeples. Further down the line, not being content with trying to eradicate all traces of Christian heritage from our culture, they will inevitably turn their gaze towards all religion. People of all faiths and religions need to make a stand against what is happening. Write to your MP and ask them to address the issue.

Some news articles on the barmy world of Political Correctness:

'Offensive' hospital bibles may be banned.

BC change was not PC, museum says.

Christmas is cancelled.

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