In dialogue with those in the Pagan communities, I have often heard it said that the term “White Witchcraft” is a phrase that they do not use. It is even being said that this term is purely a Christian label used to distinguish some Witchcraft from darker more diabolical Witchcraft. Firstly, I would like to say that I do realize that the majority of modern Wiccans, neo-pagans, and Witches, do not seem to use this term a lot these days. However, the term was in common usage a number of years ago and is certainly still used by those in the pagan community. Here are a few representative quotes from Pagan sources that freely use the terms “white witchcraft/magic”:

Respected Wiccan author, Vivianne Crowley talks about:

“…the direction of good, white, or right-hand path magic.” (Vivianne Crowley, Wicca, p. 84, italics added).
In the book The Magic Power of White Witchcraft: Enjoy a Life of Profound Happiness, Unbelievable Riches, and Long-Lasting Love with the Secrets of White Witchcraft, by Gavin and Yvonne Frost (founders of the School of Wicca and who have been teaching Witchcraft for 80 years between them), it states:

“In using Witchcraft powers, especially those of white Witchcraft, you want to make sure that your motivation is positive.” (p. 16).
The back cover of the book states that the book is a “personal guide into the mysterious and enchanted world of White Witchcraft”.

The Farrars have this to say on the subject:

“The observance or non-observance of these rules is precisely what distinguishes ‘white’ from ‘black’ workings.” (Janet and Stewart Farrar, A Witches Bible, 2:141).
Witch, Jean Williams, writes under the heading of “White Witchcraft Blessing Spell”:

“I will begin with this “white” spell which is to be used only in a case of where you know the identity of the person trying to injure you through black witchcraft…Another spell of the “white” variety for dissolving a psychic attack is tho following one of Kahuna origin…” (Jean Williams, Winning with Witchcraft, pp. 61, 65).