The bible has the most exciting books. According to numerous findings, no book has sold ever sold copies than the bible. And one of the reasons why the bible is an impressive book is because it has inspirational characters. Here are ten inspirational characters from the Holy Bible.

1. Abraham

If you are looking for someone to inspire you on faith, you need to read about Abraham. Abraham was one-hundred years old and Sarah ninety years old when God promised them a son. Even though they were old, they had faith in God that they will have many descendants.


2. Mosses

One inspirational character in the bible is Mosses. He was a man of patience because he led a hopeless generation of Israelites for many years in the wilderness. Even though they could complain and wish they were in Egypt, he patiently waited for the Lord.

3. Elijah

He was a bold and a brave prophet. He stood against the worship of false idols. He was not afraid of the king or the consequences of not worshiping other gods. He did exactly what the Lord wanted him to do.

4. Job

Many times we undergo through challenges and hardships in life. But no one has ever come across to what Job went through. Job lost cattle, servants, and children all in one day. However, he remained strong and had faith in God. Even when his wife suggested that he stop trusting in God, he continued to be strong.

5. Daniel

Another brave man of God was Daniel. He refused to defile himself with the food from the king. Instead, he asked for vegetables and water. He did not fear any man or even death.

6. Paul


Before he became Paul, Saul was a persecutor of Christians. He had many Christians killed for several years. However, God chooses him to be influential and one of the most celebrated authors of the bible.

7. Noah

When God told Noah to build an ark, he did exactly what he was told. But do you know Noah was over 500-years old? Even though his sons helped him, it took more than 50-years to build the entire ark. Besides, they needed to have food, animals and other necessities in the ark.

8. Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego

The three men refused to worship an idol knowing they would be thrown into a hot furnace. But that did not stop them from believing and trusting in God. It is a great inspirational story.

9. David

If you are searching for someone who loved God with all his heart, it is David. He always wanted to do what is right before God. He sang for God and always sought out for help and guidance from God.

10. Jesus

One of the most inspiring stories you will read in the bible is about Jesus Christ. He came to the earth as an ordinary man to save the world. Even though he is the King of kings, he had to undergo suffering, pain, and death so that we could be forgiven our sins.