Hungry Ghosts

During the course of his five year research, Fisher was lead to becoming a regular attender with a gathering of people interested in paranormal phenomena. It was here that he was introduced to a number of spirit entities, including his own spirit guide, a spirit that claimed to be a Greek lady who was his former lover in a past life they shared together. Fisher became more convinced of the truthfulness of the claims of his guide, and the other spirits, which spoke through the medium, especially since some of the information that was transmitted appeared to be uncannily accurate. However, as he continued to check the information he was provided with (geographical data, historical facts, dates, times, people, places, and events), in library archives, doubts eventually began to rise in his mind. It soon became more and more apparent that significant pieces of key information was either extremely conspicuous by its absence, or directly contradicted what he had been told.

Fisher’s doubts grew more so when he measured the claims of his own guide against those of other popular mediums. Although the spirit’s that spoke through the various mediums he met claimed to be in contact with his own spirit guide much of the information they provided contradicted.

As a result of all the conflicting information Fisher began to feel that these spirits were either, at best guessing, or at worst, deliberately lying.

After lengthy in depth research, and becoming more and more frustrated with the many contradictions, and blatant lies of the guides, Fisher challenges the spirit’s with the findings his research has uncovered. The response of the guide’s, however, was not to admit falsehood but rather to be slippery and evasive.

Fisher eventually meets up with a former member of the group, Sandford Ellison, who had previously offered to tell him of the “other side” of the story of the spirit guides. Ellison reveals that his time with the guides lead him into becoming increasingly manipulated and controlled by them, eventually leading to the break down of his marriage. He explains to Fisher how the guides demanded more and more time of , while at the same time poisoning his mind against his wife. He was, in effect, turned into a puppet on a string ready to jump to do their bidding. It was only when he made the break from their control that his former relationship with his wife was restored.